Fife Police spend £36,000 taxpayers money on Common Purpose

Fife Police spend £36,000 taxpayers money on Common Purpose for 10 officers and 3 staff. The officers and staff can now meet in secret under Chatham House rules. Taxpayers have kindly contributed approx 50% of common Purpose's Chief Executive's salary for one year. According to Fife police..."Fife Constabulary’s Career Development Unit promotes, co-ordinates and facilitates police officers and police staff career development opportunities in line with the Force ethos of ‘Life Long Learning' and ‘Staff at Full Potential'.

Michael Banks Durham Constabulary's last Assistant Chief Constable and Common Purpose Advisory Group

Michael Banks Durham Constabulary's last Assistant Chief Constable is also a Common Purpose Advisory Group member. In re-organising the police force by amalgamation, a process fully in line with EU regionalisation of UK, he also sits as an Common Purpose Advisory Board member. Has the Advisory Group been discussing and implementing an essentially pro EU agenda facilitated by Common Purpose? Since these meetings and their discussions are not disclosed to the public under Common Purpose's Chatham House rule, the public has no way of knowing.

West Midlands police spend £93,000 on Common Purpose

The available information shows that between 1989 and 2008, thirty-three officers and one member of police staff attended training courses organised by Common Purpose at a cost of around £93,000. What value did the taxpayer get? What has been discussed by the police behind closed doors under Common purpose Chatham House rules? How more of the police training budget can be given to Common Purpose? See British Transport Police Archive

Thames Valley Police spend £52130 on Common Purpose

For the years 2000 and 2001 3 officers attended Common Purpose training courses. No costs are available for this period. For the years 2002 to 2008 14 officers attended Common Purpose training courses and the recorded costs amount to £52,130. Note that in line with many other public bodies the police cannot identify expenditure on CP in the period 2000 to 2001. How much other public money cannot be accounted for? How does EU power elite training help bobbies on the beat, or the taxpayer?

Police Service of Northern Ireland have spent £30.055 on Common Purpose

Police in Northern Ireland have spent £30,055 on CP in the last 5 years for 19 staff. What value do the general public get when meetings are supposedly held during the officers personal time. Of course this is untrue as evidence on this site clearly shows CP business across UK being conducted in public time. How can police officers operate under the secretive Chatham House rules?

CP Freedom of Information Request Devon and Cornwall Constabulary DCC 2005

Correspondence indicating police covering up for their activities and expenditure with CP. Following a Freedom of Information request to DCC regarding CP, the police reply saying they are unable to find any information. When sent a list of CP trained officers, they can suddenly find expenditure of £57,000 on CP. But they have to ask CP for permission to disclose further information although the courses were paid by the public purse. When the information arrives it has been heavily censored and information removed and / or blanked out.


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