CP Expenditure Mersyside Police April 1999 - March 2009

Merseyside police declare £40,654 spent on Common Purpose for 15 members of staff. No information is held (allegedly) regarding Senior officers or those on the disciplinary board that sacked Officer Bettley. (Ed The circumstances of this sacking are not known to cpexposed). It is of interest though that Senior police officers were on the Common Purpose Advisory Board that selected Matthew Byrne (Convicted paedophile and sadistic attacker of prostitutes) as an upstanding member of society and Common Purpose Social Leader.

In these documents Mersyside Police attempt to obfuscate public interest in their connections with Common Purpose by directing the public to the 'political charity' Common Purpose website as if this provides relevant information as to police activities. Since Common Purpose graduates and especially advisory board members operate without full and open public scrutiny Merseyside police should be forced to disclose all records, emails and telephone calls between themselves and CP.