CP Expenditure Mersyside Police April 1999 - March 2009

Merseyside police declare £40,654 spent on Common Purpose for 15 members of staff. No information is held (allegedly) regarding Senior officers or those on the disciplinary board that sacked Officer Bettley. (Ed The circumstances of this sacking are not known to cpexposed). It is of interest though that Senior police officers were on the Common Purpose Advisory Board that selected Matthew Byrne (Convicted paedophile and sadistic attacker of prostitutes) as an upstanding member of society and Common Purpose Social Leader.

Matthew Byrne Common Purpose Paedophile & Lib Dem Councillor Candidate

Matthew Byrne the Merseyside Common Purpose Advisory Board Member and Paedophile who also tortured prostitutes was a Liberal Democrat Council candidate. Surprising therefore that he rubbed shoulders with David Cameron - appearing in a photograph with Cameron and Heseltine. Common Purpose links are becoming ever closer to Tory Leader Cameron. Has he been CP trained?

CP BBC Merseyside Radio biased interview with Brian Gerrish (see full archive article)

So rattled is Common Purpose by the steady leak of information revealing its political agenda and huge fees taken from the taxpayer, that they have now apparently enlisted the BBC to manage their tawdry image. Brian Gerrish was recently invited to speak concerning CP on BBC Radio Mersyside on Friday 27 March 2009 after the Presenter Roger Phillips linked his name with the BNP. Mr Phillips claimed that he was only able to find material by Brian Gerrish on the BNP's website.

Charity Commission invoices for Common Purpose training.

Selection of invoices for Common Purpose 'training' for the Charity Commission. If the Commission uses CP services how does it remain impartial with regard to its wider charity duties, particularly where members of the public are challenging the real purpose of nature of the political charity CP? Note the redacted or blacked out names. Why the secrecy over CP training activity?

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