CP Jersey police arrest of child abuse Whistleblower politician Stuart Suvret

Jersey police Common Purpose graduate Deputy Chief Officer D Warcup attacks Mr Harper over paedophile investigation
Latest News 13/11/2008 Now Common Purpose Police arrest Jersey child abuse whistle blower politician Stuart Syvret.

UK newspapers, including the Daily Mail November 13 2008, have carried major stories concerning the attack by Jersey Police Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup on Lenny Harper, his predecessor in the Jersey force, over possible child murders at Haut de la Garenne. According to the Daily Mail article, David Warcup launched a devastating attack on Mr Harper, saying that he had now 'ripped up' much of the evidence presented by his predecessor. Events seem to suggest that the new investigation team are keen to play down events at the Jersey care home.

Deputy Chief Officer Warcup is a senior Common Purpose graduate having completed the MATRIX course in 1993/4 whilst Deputy Chief Constable of Northumbria Police Newcastle UK. It appears strange that Mr Warcup should 'rip up' any evidence, no matter how questionable in such a serious case. Particularly as it is evident from cases across the country that thousands of young children are being illegally and unlawfully taken from their families by Social Services, with the active support and backing of the police, courts and judiciary. Many children are snatched using false evidence, perjury, psychological bullying of parents, fraudulent evidence, falsified documents and downright lies. The children are then subjected to psychological and physical abuse at the hands of Social Services, Foster carers and Adoptive parents. Growing evidence suggests that many of these children are later lost in a world of abusers and paedophiles, many of whom are known to be in positions of power and status.

Surely the Jersey investigation should be conducted in the full glare of public scrutiny, not buried in a police 'spat'. The general public must also hope that Common Purpose rules facilitating secret elitest meetings under Chatham House rules, which could affect probity and transparency, are not applied in this serious investigation, which concerns the lives of vulnerable young children.

Comment. Common Purpose police arrive on the island of Jersey and within months arrogant thuggish police behaviour starts to stop people exposing the truth about child abuse. Strange how Common Purpose is linked with fraud, corruption, police cover ups over public money and more. Why should Jersey (Common Purpose) police want to silence Mr Syvret. Read the attached pdf article and decide for yourselves. Something very nasty is building with the help of the secretive political charity common purpose.