CP Civilia Accounts 2008-2009 Behaviour change, collaboration and deep sustainable complex change.

Financial accounts for Civilia. According to the accounts "This company manages the licensing arrangements with the Common Purpose licensees, which include Common Purpose UK and charities operating in Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, India, France, Ghana, South Africa and Turkey. Common Purpose UK is a direct subsidiary of Common Purpose Charitable Trust, which is the Company's ultimate parent company.

In addition, the Company provides IT, marketing and curriculum services to the Common Purpose licensees."

In 2008 Civilia began providing customised courses for Common Purpose. This was helpful since Common Purpose could effectively disguise its activities from Freedom of Interest requests by hiding under the name Civilia. The Civilia accounts blurb reveals a little more about the true common purpose intent: "We develop leaders who can work together and participants on our courses will:

1. Grasp why collaboration is essential when delivering deep sustainable complex change.

2. Understand their own language, behaviour and biases get in the way of their leadership.

3. Learn how to lift to collaboration and set the pace for change.

4.Discover what context they are operating in, both locally and internationally

Of course the wider public are not asked if they want change [certainly not deep sustainable complex change], nor if they want to be led by elitest Common Purpose leaders, nor if they want their taxes and public money to be used for this purpose, nor if they want their children to 'educated' by a political charity that thinks that corrupt fraudulent international bankers are a good leadership role model, nor if they wish to have their views and behaviours modified by a team of common purpose 'leaders' who have little if any real experience in the real world.

The constant use of the word collaboration is significant since collaboration is usually associated with working with an enemy in the shadows. Isn't this just what common purpose is really about?