Caroline Duckworth Common Purpose 'spins' truth regarding BBC Radio 5 programme.

Caroline Duckworth Common Purpose emails CP Advisory Group members to report that the BBC Radio 5 Donal MacIntyre programme has 'vindicated' CP of criticism from the public, including that it is a secretive organisation. Mrs Duckworth fails to inform the Advisory Group Members (whose names are kept secret from the General Public!), that the BBC are riddled with CP graduates, and therefore will inevitably produce a pro Common Purpose political spin. (See BBC and Media documents on this site).

Duckworth's communication is a typical example of CP half truths and spin to cover up their real political activities. Remember that Julia Middleton CP Chief Executive has operated from within the highest levels of the NuLabour and pro EU political camp. Note the comment at the bottom of her email which says that Common Purpose is helping leaders to achieve CHANGE worldwide. Again typically the nature of the CHANGE is not declared and that is because Common Purpose is using behavioural modification techniques to achieve political change to a new socialist political and social order. Did you as a taxpaying member of the public agree to this CHANGE? Are you aware that CP is targeting your children to modify their social, moral and political views? Has you child changed in personality?