Common Purpose links with ARK, Teachfirst and Tavistock Institute

This summary kindly provided by Ms Cassie shows links between Common Purpose, Absolute Return for Kids ARK (already being researched for its suspect activity with children and big business Academy Schools), Teachfirst (a 'leadership' teaching recruitment organisation), and the Tavistock Institute (home of mind control techniques). Just what are these people up to? Are our children safe?

Shocking expose of Common Purpose behavioural training of Police Officers

Shocking document exposing mental re-framing of police officers using psychometric tests, personality instruments, neuro linguistic programming, and more. Read summary CVs detailing the future of policing; the psychological contract; the role of qualifications within the police professionalisation agenda; the blame culture within the organisation and the paradigm change needed for police reform; and whether centralized policy unduly influences leadership style. Just what is the PARADIGM CHANGE needed for police reform?

Subsidised CP courses for Muslims

In conjunction with the Department of Communities and Local Government, Common Purpose is offering free places on CP courses. Of course the places are really funded by the thousands of taxpayers whose taxes are normally used to pay for CP courses, together with payments direct from central government. Please note that the muslim community in Great Britain are being informed of the real political aims of Common Purpose by this site and other informed activists.


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