Information concerning Common Purpose and the NHS

Selection of web links relating to Common Purpose and the NHS. Cpexposed is receiving a steady stream of reports concerning the collapse of the NHS system. Not through a lack of professionalism and dedication by medical and nursing staff, but through an increasingly confused and chaotic management system driving a never ending agenda of CHANGE.

Serious reports include the 300 deaths in Staffordshire Hospital due to dirt and neglect for example, to deaths of vulnerable individuals such as the old, children and babies. Body parts are missing in some cases as is evidence of pharmaceutical testing. Eugenics with a common purpose? Please also research the real Obama medical agenda in the USA. His programme is not a benevolent social medical system to help all but a system that will decide who is to live and who to die on a cost and 'the individual's use to society'basis.

Many thanks to for the research and comment.