CP Historical Mind Control Documentation Colonel John Rawlings Rees

Document written by Colonel J R Rees October 1940 Strategic Planning for Mental Health. Key document talking of "making plans for winning the war and for establishing work for mental health firmly for the future." This fascinating paper sets out the beginnings of a covert plan to make mankind healthy and stating that only psychiatrists are equipped to make mankind healthy.

Key quotes in the text cover....."Infiltration of social organisations, Our attack on the professions, Long term plan of propaganda, Personality tests for Members of Parliament (note David Cameron MP has pushed for those joining the Tory administration and MPs to be given psychometric tests), Keep [this] Council and our true work hidden.....don't mention Mental Hygiene but do use Mental Health and commonsense....Experiment with films...the right propaganda.....the Oxford Group....Go to it."

This document formulates a hidden and subversive plan to implement Mental Hygiene on British people and society. By Mental Hygiene they mean to re-educate, re-frame, force people into their new way of thinking. Those achieving the new mind-set are deemed hygienic or in a clean state of mental health. [The inference from other documents on this subject and period is that those who do not submit to the new society and hive thought process will be eradicated under the eugenics programmes.]

Rees was involved with the Tavistock Institute and in 1948 was President of the World Federation of Mental Health. Tavistock is a key root of mind control and psychiatric subversion as developed by the Frankfurt School which researched ways of destroying western christian cultures by means of psychological attack on families and society. Jung, Kolb [linked to Common Purpose] all represent this dangerous and twisted psychology / psychiatric attack. More will be posted on this subject shortly.