CP Finances

CP Accounts Analysis 2007

Analysis of Common Purpose accounts 2007 including profit and loss, balance sheet, capitals and reserves, miscellaneous and ratios. Please remember that the overwhelming supply of money to Common Purpose has come straight from your pocket as a taxpayer. Did you know about this political charity or approve of their politico social agenda?

Millennium Commission gives Common Purpose £940,435

The Millennium Commission has awarded Common Purpose £940,435 for 321 CP awards, yet thousands of small village halls and real charities have received nothing. Why is the Millennium Commission so keen to support a political charity? Are there connections between people in the Millennium Commission and CP. Please help us to find out who and why. Thank you "duck" for sending us the detail.

Sheffield Chief Exec Refuses to release CP Expenditure 1 Sep 2008

Series of letters showing yet another example of a major authority, Sheffield, refusing to release expenditure on Common Purpose. A Freedom of Information request is refused by Liz Bashforth Assistant Chief Executive Sheffield Legal and Governance. Records of CP expenditure are too scattered to be able to locate them within a sensible time frame. The truth is that Sheffield does not want this expenditure released. This pattern of refusal is repeated across the country, and is now assisted by Common Purpose using their graduates within Councils.

CP Expenditure by Cornwall County Council to Jan 2006

Cornwall County Council reply to Freedom of Information request. Note that their accounting system is so vague that they could only calculate a total figure and were not able to say how much had been spent on CP in schools. How much money goes missing or is misappropriated in a system where there are no detailed accounts of how public money is spent? Or is this a smokescreen to protect Common Purpose. The total amount of taxpayers money is: circa £67,000.

CP Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) expenditure 2005

Having declared they had no involvement with CP in a telephone conversation, the ODPM declares in 2005 £78,000 spent on CP. Note the letter repeats CP promotional literature and dismisses the use of the secretive Chatham House rule for meetings. Conveniently connections with DEMOS apparently occurred prior to the set up of the ODPM. The CP role of ODPM has now been taken over by the Communities and Local Government department, which has made CP a "government approved training organisation" alongside the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE.


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