CP Graduate Lists

CP trained Metropolitan Police 1993 2004 (List 1)

Example of Met Police Officers trained by CP under the MATRIX residential course. Circa 43 officers probably charged at CP price of £3950 plus VAT, say £4500, gives a cost to the taxpayer of circa £193,500. Note Cressida Dick the officer later in charge when Charles de Menendez was murdered in the London Tube incident. She was later promoted to head security of the British Royal Family. Note her course was Oxford - a hotbed of CP development and training. Most recently between Oxford University and the Said Business School.

CP BBC names

The following list is a small sample of BBC CP trained people. These courses have been paid by the licence payer but the BBC then tries to say this is for the benefit of the individual in their personal time. Nice of the taxpayer to be so generous. The pro EU CP training may help to explain the BBC's pro EU and anti British stance. Remember that the BBC has also borrowed money from European Banks. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

CP Oxfordshire Matrix Participants 2005

List of Matrix participants for Oxfordshire 2005. The fee for this Matrix was £3,950 plus VAT. A fee largely paid by the taxpayer. CP uses a system where they 'top up' courses by giving preferred people cheap places. All of these people will have been taught under the Chatham House rule where neither the speaker (of a subject) nor the meeting must be revealed. Participants network under Chatham House rules as 'future leaders'. They have been taught to drive CHANGE, but change from what to what?

CP Participants Leicester 2005

Small selection of CP course participants. Note number of public sector professionals. See also participation of Steve Turner Head of Operations Her Majesty's Prison service. CP has been giving leadership training from within prisons for some years. Are convicted criminals to become our new leaders? And for what purpose?

CP Participants Derby 2005

Small selection of CP participants Derby. Most are from the public sector and course fees will have been paid by the public sector. As usual the local council and police are involved. CP particularly target people in support and human resources positions since they can help recruit others from within their organisation, and in many cases, it can be shown that they help offset CP course costs from the public purse. Why are councils involved with a pro EU political charity?


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