CP Graduate Lists

CP Graduates List for Liverpool latest date 2005

List of some 600 names of graduates in Liverpool. An area where BBC Merseyside vigorously defended Common Purpose on the BBC Radio Merseyside Programme Friday 27 March 2009. Mr Ken Pye Common Purpose programme manager refused or was unable to come on the show to face questions from Brian Gerrish. The BBC itself is riddled with CP graduates but why would the show host Mr Roger Phillips be so dogged in his defence of CP? As a regular participant in their training events was he advertising for them? Certainly he was not interested in looking at the documentary evidence on this site.

CP Belfast The Know Course 2008

Pdf document with details of Common Purpose The Know course. See end pages for names of people involved.

The Know course is a classic example of the elitest nature of Common Purpose since the inference is that if you are not a CP chosen "leader" you are not "in the know" i.e. you are a non person, ill informed. This is classic psychological manipulation to create bonding to a CP aligned group.

Comments on Common Purpose Ireland including graduate names being removed from the CP website

Thanks to www.politics.ie where a contributor had noticed that Common Purpose had removed names from their website. Why would they do this? Surely Common Purpose would be proud to list and boast of members? Common Purpose is hiding everything it does...the amount of public money spent on it....discussions under Chatham House rules......offices in HM Prisons....graduates.


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