CP Graduates List for Liverpool latest date 2005

List of some 600 names of graduates in Liverpool. An area where BBC Merseyside vigorously defended Common Purpose on the BBC Radio Merseyside Programme Friday 27 March 2009. Mr Ken Pye Common Purpose programme manager refused or was unable to come on the show to face questions from Brian Gerrish. The BBC itself is riddled with CP graduates but why would the show host Mr Roger Phillips be so dogged in his defence of CP? As a regular participant in their training events was he advertising for them? Certainly he was not interested in looking at the documentary evidence on this site.

By coincidence I was sent the following piece by email by a site visitor on Saturday 28 March 2009

I was bullied by a manager for over 12 months. I made a formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman with regards to the way Liverpool City Council dealt with my Grievance and Appeal. I was informed that they were unable to investigate personnel matters. The Grievance was based on Bullying and Oppressive Behaviour the witness’ where not questioned on these matters. There are 34 County Councils and 238 District Councils in England, 32 in Scotland and 22 in Wales. How many employees have been subjected to Bullying and Oppressive Behaviour by managers who have in effect dealt with the matters internally and reached the required result the council wishes to achieve. Local councils investigate there own complaints, which I feel is a conflict of interest. I feel this matter needs addressing and the way to achieve this is through Legislation in the House of Commons, by introducing a Local Government Bill, or Parliament to extend the powers of the Local Government Ombudsman to include personnel issues. This is why I have started this petition. The law needs to be changed

Is this a coincidence? Bullying, fraud and corruption are seen in Authorities penetrated by Common Purpose. Sheffield is a prime example.