CP Graduates for the KNOW course Manchester July 2008

Graduate list for Common Purpose the Know course Manchester. Note the mix of business, public sector and police. What were they taught. Now they are CP graduates they will be able to network unseen to the general public using the Chatham House rule to hide their activities. Of course only the elite are in the 'know'. Ordinary people are excluded.

Note participation of Elspeth Rogers Independent Police Complaints Commission. Of course we can expect Miss Rogers to be 'independent' when a complaint is made that police forces are blocking the release of Freedom of Information requests concerning Common Purpose activities and expenditure. In one instance a police office threatened a member of the public making an FOI request concerning Common Purpose with being branded vexatious. In another case a police force has broken Data Protection rules by releasing the names of individuals making FOI request concerning the police and CP. This is an insidious and dangerous breakdown of probity and confidentiality.