Common Purpose love affair with banks continues. Susan Rice Lloyds TSB Scotland

Page from University of Edinburgh with summary of Mrs Susan Rice. An elitest banker, born in the USA, she is now Chief Executive of Lloyds TSB Scotland - the first woman to head a UK Clearing Bank. She is providing leadership and guidance on financial exclusion in the UK, and also sits on the Aberdeen Common Purpose Advisory Board. In this post she will help select and reject other people for Common Purpose training and reframing. Common Purpose was also keen to use the 'leadership' skills of elitest Lehman Brothers bank - more recently bankrupt on the back of their commercial and leadership skills.

Following her Common Purpose training Mrs Rice stated: "There are no easy answers. And Common Purpose is no easy ride. It challenges every personal and professional prejudice you have. It's unsettling. It's also the best learning I've ever done.

Mrs Rice's comments should be unsettling to the general public. A charity training course unsettles a mature professional banker and exposes her prejudices. What so called prejudices has she had cured? What does she believe in now? That she is to CHANGE Britain and the world in line with the "Common Purpose"?