CP links with Clore Duffield and Stef Lewandowski

Read comments by Stef Lewandowski about Brian Gerrish and note his connections with CP and Clore Duffield. Mr Lewandowski's site says..."According to Member of the European Parliament Roger Helmer and friends including self-proclaimed submarine warfare advisor to Thatcher, Brian Gerrish, there is a conspiracy happening across Europe to bring about a “New World Order” where a group of all-powerful seven-foot-high lizards will seize power of all that we hold dear, using nothing other than professional development training provided by a charity called “Common Purpose”, and engaging in a little corruption, mind-control and (most bizarrely) paedophilia along the way. Common Purpose are the seven-foot-high lizards who really run Birmingham". Note links to DEMOS people and CP courses. Note also programming of children at end of the text.