CP Mike More CEO Suffolk County Council and CP Advisory Group 2003

CP Programme Director Vincent Acheson emails Mike More Chief Executive Suffolk County Council regarding the Advisory Group and recruiting new CP 'graduates'. The email is addressed to Mr More at his County Council address, proving yet again that CP uses public employees in their public time, and not their private time.

In the text a number of attributes of CP are revealed. 1. The CP Advisory Group did not want to accept a Mr David Sheepshanks to the group AT ALL. Clearly this gentleman is not acceptable to the existing elitest CP 'leaders'. 2. Mr David Coe of Coe's Department store Ipswich is also considered a 'no go' as he is "too Ipswich". 3. Note approval of Mr Ian Palmer of HM Prison Hollesley Bay. CP has a strong interest in prison populations. 4. CP encourages Mr More to use his council training budget for more CP people. 5. The CP programme director also asks for an INTRO into the Local Education Authority to network towards the "right" heads. .....Just who are the "right" Head Teachers? 6. Finally the CP Programme Director also asks the Council CEO for assistance in "opening business doors".

Why should a senior public officer be happy to be used as a CP salesman? Has he been re-framed into the CP common mind?