CP Mind Control Adaptive Flexibility David Kolb 2000

Work by CP's guru Kolb. Note reference to works of Jung: "Jung discovered the universal mandala symbol in many cultures and religions throughout time representing this holistic, dynamic adaptive process. Mandala means circle, an eternal process where endings become beginnings again and again. "The mandala form is that of a flower, cross, or wheel with a distinct tendency toward quadripartite structures." (Jung, 1931, p.100) It often represents dual polarities, the integration of which fuels the endless circular process of knowing. "Psychologically this circulation would be a 'turning in a circle around oneself': whereby all sides of the personality become involved. They cause the poles of light and darkness to rotate..." (p104). In their theories of experiential learning Jean Piaget, William etc etc". CP now trains young children. For general research on mind techniques see also "Creative Visualisation" used by Leeds Education and others.