CP Mind Control Experiential and Behavioral Training David Kolb CV 2006

CP website www.commonpurpose.net quotes “(CP)Uses brain-washing techniques?” No. Common Purpose programmes use experiential training techniques and a set of conventions to promote mutually respectful behaviour among all participants. There are no tests. There are no brain-washing techniques. There is no coercion. No programme participant is required to complete a programme if they elect not to do so or to have any continuing contact with Common Purpose should they wish not to do so once the programme ends. The vast majority of participants complete their programmes, often returning to undertake further development training and enjoy gaining access to the Common Purpose graduate network.

Experiential learning is a widely used methodology and is largely associated with David A. Kolb (Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Weatheread School of Management). unquote. See web info on work by Kolb including links to Jung.