Devonport Column Community Newsheet reports Common Purpose corruption

Page 2 from April 2006 edition of the Devonport Column reporting on Common Purpose corruption in Plymouth. Common Purpose graduates took control of key regeneration projects in the city and particularly the New Deal for Communities programme in Devonport a deprived area with very high unemployment close to the Royal Navy Dockyard. In 10 years some £25 million had been spent on nebulous projects, money into people's pockets and a large proportion of the original residents were forced out, to be replaced with expensive elitest waterside housing. They were promised new homes at affordable prices but this was a lie. Many dubbed it ethnic cleansing. A similar technique is now being used to compulsorily purchase people's homes in North Prospect Plymouth to allow massive redevelopment and fat cat profits. The Devonport Column newsheet was set up to tell the truth about fraud and corruption in Plymouth. See BBC and Media Category on this site for the full April 2006 edition of the Devonport Column.