Westminster spies on Eurosceptics and those exposing Common Purpose

Fascinating document, originating from the research team in Westminster, which provides a briefing on 'Eurosceptics warning of the abolition of parliament in Westminster, the takeover by the EU (including Regionalisation), and those members of the general public warning about the activities of Common Purpose. An email from the Westminster library has stated that no MP or other person 'commissioned' this work.....the topics were simply decided upon by the researcher herself. Unlikely? We think so.

The research on Common Purpose covers some early CP expose papers by David Noakes but somehow fails to report on the wealth of websites, blogs and other web based sites posting documents, emails and material exposing Common Purpose, including this site. One could imagine that she was unable to give too much detail for fear of attracting MP to sources of real information

This Westminster document shows parliament spying on its own people. Meanwhile Ed Balls MP feels that CCTV should be installed in the homes of people who are judged by Social services to have problems with their children. Welcome to the common purpose of the emerging marxist state.