CP Civilia Accounts

Please see latest accounts for Common Purpose company Civilia. This company provides Behaviours Training for Common Purpose ......see invoices for (London Borough of Sutton) listed under 'London' in our (Document Library) search of cities.

Why do we need to reframe the behaviour of our public servants. Did the individuals understand they were being mentally reframed to change their behaviour at the time? If not were they given a disclaimer to allow NLP to be used on them under direction of the political charity Common Purpose?

Ministry of Justice spends massive £279,017.15 on Common Purpose political training.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed a massive spend of £279,017.15 by the Ministry of Justice on Common Purpose training. The Department is unable to name names as usual. So a government department which should be 100% impartial is training staff in the Common Purpose pro-EU political agenda. Since Common Purpose encourages meetings behind closed doors and networking of 'graduates' to exert power outside their authority we can be sure of the high standards of probity in the Ministry of Justice.

London Borough of Sutton Spends £11,907 for 2 day Common Purpose Behavioural Modification sessions.

The London Borough of Sutton has spent £11,907.67 on Common Purpose mind bending training for three of its staff. The attached invoice and receipts show that three people stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn London Sutton @£119 per night. This was in addition to a massive £10,000 training bill by the Common Purpose company Civilla Ltd (Developing Common Purpose world wide).

Westminster spies on Eurosceptics and those exposing Common Purpose

Fascinating document, originating from the research team in Westminster, which provides a briefing on 'Eurosceptics warning of the abolition of parliament in Westminster, the takeover by the EU (including Regionalisation), and those members of the general public warning about the activities of Common Purpose. An email from the Westminster library has stated that no MP or other person 'commissioned' this work.....the topics were simply decided upon by the researcher herself. Unlikely? We think so.

London Fire Service spends £11,000 on Common Purpose

Freedom of Information Reply showing London Fire service has spent £11,000 on Common Purpose for training of 3 staff. Fire Service staff have attended other Common Purpose events but they claim there were no costs attached. What about travel costs and professional time for example? What prejudices has CP removed from these firemen? How are they better equipped to fight fires having been trained in who operates the "levers of power" in their area for example? Your taxes paid of course.

CP CEO J Middleton and A Sussman Parliamentary Examination of Witnesses 660 23 May 2002

CP Exec Middleton and Amelia Sussman brief a Parliamentary Committee on Public Appointments. The ladies share their vast knowledge gained from Common Purpose graduates, who are of course, all selected in the first place. The examination gives an idea of the power, and place in the halls of power, of Mrs Middleton. Mrs Middleton is now helping to protect the impartiality of the UK media by her "Media Standards Trust", where she also shares the Board with international bankers, as well as the rich and powerful. Elitest or what?

Julia Middleton CP CEO and Amelia Sussman brief Parliamentary Committee 23 May 2002

Julia Middleton and Amelia Sussman Common Purpose brief a Parliamentary Committee on People in Public Appointments. Middleton suggests people have no idea what public appointments are, and that they think the system is a fix. Where does Mrs Middleton get her knowledge and experience from to be briefing such a committee, particularly where her own organisation is highly selective and secretive under the Chatham House rule?

CP 360 Masterclass London with Top Names

CP 360 Masterclass course London. CP leaders with a spare £250 plus VAT can just drop into the Masterclass sessions. See the names of the people they can meet. Each masterclass lasts 75 minutes. Julia Middleton will speak at the end of the day followed by a Q & A session. Common Purpose 360 is the community for people who have completed a Common Purpose programme, anywhere in the world.


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