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Name Course Date Course Locationsort descending Course Name Job Title Location Organisation
O'Reilly, Tony NI Navigator June 2000 Development Officer merseyside North West Forum for People with Disabilities, Londonderry
Perry, Ken 20:20 - 2004 Group Chief Executive merseyside Plus Housing Group Ltd, Liverpool
Pritchard, Wendy Merseyside Profile Nov 2000 Finance Director merseyside Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool - Egerton Court
Reynolds, Debbie North West Navigator 2005 Area Pastoral Worker merseyside St Francis Xavier, Liverpool
Roberts, Stephen Merseyside Profile October 2001 General Manager merseyside Crowne Plaza, Liverpool
Roberts, David Merseyside Profile July 2002 Chief Executive merseyside Independence Initiative Ltd, Bootle
Saunders, Malcolm Merseyside Profile March 2000 merseyside
Shaw, Michael Merseyside Profile March 2000 Deputy Director merseyside Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool - Byrom Street
Shaw, Mike Merseyside Profile Nov 2000 Deputy Director merseyside School of Engineering, Liverpool
Shepherd, Louise Merseyside Profile 2004 Chief Executive merseyside Liverpool Women's Hospital, Liverpool
Swanney, Norman Merseyside Profile October 2002 Chief Executive merseyside Ministry of Defence, Liverpool
Sweeney - Dixon, Hyacinth Merseyside Profile July 2001 Project Director merseyside Churches' Action for Racial Equality, Liverpool
Tonge, Mike Merseyside Profile March 2000 Chief Constable merseyside Gwent Police, Cwmbran
Truscott, Allison North West Navigator 2005 Project Co-ordinator merseyside PSS, Knowsley
Veares, Andy Merseyside Profile July 2002 Area Manager merseyside HSBC Bank plc, Guildford
Ward, Ali North West Navigator 2005 Business Development Manager merseyside Create Liverpool, Liverpool
Watts, Maxine North West Navigator 2005 Communications Manager merseyside Merseyside ICT, Wavertree
Whitehead, Andy Merseyside Profile - October 2003 Northern Director merseyside Reed In Partnership, Liverpool
Williamson, John Merseyside Profile - October 2003 Director of Development & Planning merseyside Liverpool Housing Action Trust, Liverpool
Yates, Alan Merseyside Profile Nov 2000 Chief Executive merseyside Mersey Care NHS Trust, Liverpool
Zawadski, Tony Merseyside Profile March 2000 Liverpool Partnership Director merseyside BT plc, Liverpool
Zawadzki, Tony Merseyside Profile Nov 2000 Liverpool Partnership Director merseyside BT plc, Liverpool
Adams, Sue Greater Manchester 2004 Freelance: HR Support & Executive Coaching manchester Extra Mile, Stockport
Adil, Mahmood 20:20 - 2003 Deputy Regional Director of Public Health (North West) manchester Government Office for the North West, Manchester
Allanson, John Greater Manchester Profile October 2005 Resident Manager manchester The Lowry Hotel, Manchester
Barker, Helen North West Navigator 2005 Programme Manager manchester Groundwork Manchester Ltd, Manchester
Barlow, Claire North West Navigator 2005 Support & Development Worker manchester Carisma, Manchester
Baume, Carole Greater Manchester 2003 Head of Regional Collaboration and Widening Partcipation manchester The Open University, Manchester
Beckley, Stephen Greater Manchester Profile October 2005 Assistant Chief Fire Officer (Fire Safety) manchester Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Manchester
Beer, Janet Greater Manchester 2003 Pro-Vice Chancellor / Dean of Faculty manchester Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester - Oxford Road
Brewin, David Greater Manchester 2004 Partner manchester Ernst & Young LLP, Manchester
Burlton, Rachel North West Navigator 2005 Local Sourcing Development Officer manchester Co-operative Retail Services -, New Century House - Manchester
Chilton, David Greater Manchester November 2004 Senior Regeneration Manager manchester English Partnerships, Warrington
Clivery, Ed North West Navigator 2005 Commercial Manager manchester Royal Bank of Scotland, Manchester: Spinningfields
Costello, Stephen Your Turn Residential 2004 manchester
Cross, Edward Greater Manchester 2003 Operations Manager manchester Crowne Plaza, Manchester Airport
Crouch, Ben North West Navigator 2005 Director manchester Strong Roots Consultancy, Manchester
Dabbs, Christopher 20:20 - 2000 Chief Executive manchester Community Health Action Partnership, Salford
Daley, Lindsey Greater Manchester 2004 Head of Crime and Disorder Unit manchester Manchester City Council, Manchester - Albert Square
Davies, Katharine North West Navigator 2005 Senior Policy Advisor manchester HM Customs and Excise, Salford
Dawson, Edith Greater Manchester Profile October 2005 Baptist Minister manchester United Reformed Church, South West Manchester Group
Diggins, Bryan Greater Manchester November 2004 Head of Contracting Services manchester Manchester City Council, Belle Vue
Edwards, Donna Greater Manchester November 2004 Deputy Chief Executive manchester ChamberLink Ltd, Manchester
Garner, Cathy Greater Manchester Profile April 2005 Chief Executive manchester Knowledge Capital, Manchester
Gohil, Arvinda 20:20 - 1996 Director of Membership,Governance and Regions manchester The National Housing Federation, London
Griffin, Ian Greater Manchester 2004 Director manchester The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, Manchester
Hardman, Paul Navigator England November 2002 Supplywise & Environmental Services Manager manchester ChamberLink Ltd, Manchester
Hewitt, Helen Greater Manchester 2004 Director of Education manchester Together Trust, Cheadle
Hoang, Claire North West Navigator 2005 Decibel Funding Ambassador manchester Arts Council England, North-West, Manchester
Hope - Terry, Geoff Greater Manchester 2003 Director of Finance manchester University of Manchester, Manchester