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Name Course Date Course Locationsort ascending Course Name Job Title Location Organisation
Patel, John Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Chairman swindon FEMO, Swindon
Pattison, Sheila Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Business Analyst swindon PHH Arval, Swindon
Payne, Phil Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Managing Director swindon British Motor Heritage Ltd, Oxford
Pearson, Alec Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix swindon Kingston upon Hull City Council, The Guildhall
Perkins, Ian Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Headteacher swindon Bradon Forest School, Swindon
Pickles, Cheryl Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Community Partner swindon Thames Water, Swindon - Highworth Depot
Pinnock, Richard Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Project Manager swindon Great Western Comm & Enterprise Ltd, Swindon
Pitt, Daniel Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Chartered Engineer swindon RWE Innogy Plc, Swindon
Pitter, Sue Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Database Admin Manager swindon WH Smith, Swindon
Porter, Norrie Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Head of Planning & Resources swindon Swindon Borough Council, Sanford House
Preston, Ann Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Senior Buyer swindon BT plc, Swindon
Priddy, Frank Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Distribution Manager swindon Book Club Associates, Swindon
Pullen, Matthew Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Inspector swindon Wiltshire Constabulary, Swindon - Central Police Station
Reason, John Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Community Care Planner swindon Wiltshire & Bath District Health Authority, Devizes
Rees, Nick Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Director of Finance & Resources swindon Swindon College, Swindon
Rigali, Angelo Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Procurement Manager, External Network Installation swindon BT plc, Swindon
Robson, Dave Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Assistant Director of Corporate Development swindon Swindon & Marlborough Hospital Unit, Swindon
Roche, Yvonne Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Quality Assurance Adviser swindon Prospect Hospice, Swindon
Rogers, Mike Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Financial Planning Manager swindon BCA Limited, Swindon
Ross, Bridget Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Co-Director swindon PTI Computer Training, Swindon
Rowland, Richard Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Police Chief Inspector swindon Wiltshire Constabulary, Headquarters
Ryder, Evelyn Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Director swindon Dial-A-Ride Community Transport, Swindon
Saddington, Paul Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Facilities Controller swindon Nationwide Building Society, Swindon
Saunders, Dave Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Director of Marketing & Business Development swindon Swindon College, Swindon
Saunders, Jean Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Campaigns Co-ordinator swindon Swindon Friends of the Earth, Faringdon
Sawyer, Cher Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Resettlement & Development Manager swindon Thamesdown Housing Link, Swindon
Seaman, Adam Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Production Manager swindon BCA Limited, Swindon
Selway, John Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Principal Consultant swindon John Selway Associates, Swindon
Shearan, Clare Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix swindon
Sinclair, David Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Detective Chief Inspector swindon Wiltshire Constabulary, Swindon - Central Police Station
Sitaram, Malathy Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Chairperson swindon Millen Advice Point, Swindon
Slack, Frances Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix swindon
Smith, Alistair Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Manager Business Banking swindon Lloyds TSB, Swindon
Smith, Lyndsay Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Project Manager swindon
Spink, Andrew Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix General Manager swindon The De Vere Hotel, Swindon
Sroya, Akila Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Advice Worker swindon Millen Advice Point, Swindon
St George, Lil Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Personnel Manager swindon Triumph International Ltd, Swindon
Stainer, Keith Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Senior Broadcast Journalist swindon BBC, Swindon
Staples, Chris Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Community Affairs Director swindon Zurich Commercial, Swindon
Stephenson, Mark Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Engineering Director swindon Thamesdown Transport Ltd, Swindon
Stevens, David Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Managing Director swindon David Stevens Associates, Swindon
Stevenson, Alastair Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Priest swindon Social And Industrial Chaplain, Wilts
Stirling, Debbie Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Project Manager swindon The National Schizophrenia Fellowship, Swindon
Stoyle, Jeremy Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Contracts Manager swindon MG Rover Group Ltd, Swindon
Stratford, Peter Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Executive Director swindon Swindon Chamber of Commerce, Wilts
Stroud, Derek Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Customer Services Development Manager swindon Thames Water, Swindon - Kembrey Park PO Box 436
Swainsbury, Avril Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix swindon
Taylor, Jo Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Lifestyle Researcher & Promoter swindon Sutton Ecology Centre, Bioregional Development Group
Taylor, Stephen Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix swindon National Power plc, Swindon
Thompson, Sue Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Housing Manager swindon Jephson Housing Association, Swindon