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Name Course Date Course Location Course Namesort ascending Job Title Location Organisation
Gibson, Rhian Cardiff - 1999, Cardiff, Matrix Golygydd Newyddion BBC, Cardiff
Jasani, Annand Cardiff - 2000, Cardiff, Matrix Broadcaster BBC, Cardiff
Jones, Keith Cardiff - 1995/96, Cardiff, Matrix Head of Welsh Language Programmes BBC, Cardiff
Morris-Jones, Gail Cardiff - 2003, Cardiff, Matrix Acting Editor - BBC Wales Today BBC, Cardiff
O'Callaghan, Mark Cardiff - 1998, Cardiff, Matrix Head of News and Current Affairs BBC, Cardiff
Powell, Amanda Cardiff - 2002, Cardiff, Matrix Editor News New Media BBC, Cardiff
Roberts, Penny Swansea Bay - 2003, Swansea Bay, Focus Chief Reporter BBC, Cardiff
Saldanha, Lyra Cardiff - 2000, Cardiff, Matrix Community Liaison Officer BBC, Cardiff
Stallard, Carys Cardiff - 2001, Cardiff, Matrix Assistant News Editor, Radio Wales BBC, Cardiff
Thomas, Mari Cardiff - 1997, Cardiff, Matrix Marketing and Communications BBC, Cardiff
Williams, Geoff Cardiff - 2000, Cardiff, Matrix News Editor BBC, Cardiff
Fowler, Jane Edinburgh - 2004, Edinburgh, Matrix Editor Speech Programmes BBC, Edinburgh
Atkinson, Val Glasgow - 1997, Glasgow, Matrix Deputy Head of News & Current Affairs BBC, Glasgow
Bradley, Margaret Glasgow - 2005, Glasgow, Matrix Head of Resource Operations BBC, Glasgow
Braid, Nancy Glasgow - 1996, Glasgow, Matrix Head of Programme Planning BBC, Glasgow
Brown, Donald-Iain Glasgow - 2000, Glasgow, Matrix Managing Editor BBC, Glasgow
Cunningham, Maggie Glasgow - 1998, Glasgow, Matrix Head of Radio Scotland BBC, Glasgow
Hawkins, Nicholas Leicester - 1991/92, Leicestershire, Matrix Senior Business Manager BBC, Glasgow
Miller, May Glasgow - 2001, Glasgow, Matrix Creative Director BBC, Glasgow
Munro, Helen Glasgow - 2003, Glasgow, Matrix Editor Music BBC, Glasgow
French, Philippa Leeds - 2002/03, Leeds, Matrix Press & PR Officer BBC, Leeds
Gill, Andrew Mersey - 1998, Merseyside, Matrix Merseyside Reporter BBC, Liverpool
Harding, Phil West London - 1995/96, West London, Matrix Director - English Network and News BBC, London
Harper, Jacqui North London - 1991/92, North London, Matrix Presenter BBC, London
Howe, Tamara South London - 1997/98, South London, Matrix Head of Production and Finance BBC, London - 201 Wood Lane
Denmead, Madeline 20:20 - 2001 Divisional Finance Director, Nations & Regions BBC, London - Broadcasting House - Head Office
Grossman, Russell North London - 1999/00, North London, Matrix Head of Internal Communications BBC, London - Broadcasting House - Head Office
Gurnett, John Reading - 1997/98, Berkshire, Matrix Special Assistant to the Controller BBC, London - Broadcasting House - Head Office
Huey, Marina South London 2001-2002, South London, Matrix Development Executive (Resources) BBC, London - Broadcasting House - Head Office
Rowe, Diana London - Autumn 2002, London Autumn, Matrix Project Manager BBC, London - Broadcasting House - Head Office
Butler, Gareth North London 2000/01, North London, Matrix Deputy Editor, The Politics Show BBC, London - Millbank
Kehoe, Dermot North London - 1999/00, North London, Matrix Deputy Head of Political and Parlimentary Affairs BBC, London - Millbank
Askew, Catherine Derby - 2000, Derby, Matrix BBC, London - Television Centre
Busby, Phillipa England Navigator July 2001 Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, London - Television Centre
Cohen, Janet West London - 1997/98, West London, Matrix Freelance Broadcaster BBC, London - Television Centre
Fairley, Theodora London Navigator 2000 Broadcast Journalist BBC, London - Television Centre
Ganguli, Anupam South London - 1999/00, South London, Matrix Senior Finance Executive BBC, London - Television Centre
Henderson, Deborah England Navigator July 2001 Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, London - Television Centre
Shreeve, Helen South London - 2000/01, South London, Matrix BBC, London - Television Centre
Van Vark, Manon Navigator - 1999 Broadcast Journalist BBC, London - Television Centre
Vogel, Martin North London 2001/02, North London, Matrix Head of Editorial Development BBC, London - Television Centre
Williams, Jon 20:20 - 2005 Editor BBC, London - Television Centre
Devine, Leo Leicester - 1994/95, Leicestershire, Matrix Acting Head of Regional and Local Programmes - North West BBC, Manchester
Harris, Melanie Greater Manchester - 1997/98, Greater Manchester, Matrix Producer BBC, Manchester
Molyneux, Liz Greater Manchester - 2000, Greater Manchester, Matrix Senior Producer BBC, Manchester
Wallace, Rachel Greater Manchester 2000/01, Greater Manchester, Matrix Press and PR Manager BBC, Manchester
Ellingford, Tim Tees 2002, Tees, Matrix Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, Middlesbrough
Glover, Andrew Teesside - 2001, Teesside, Matrix Managing Editor BBC, Middlesbrough
Batey, Mark Newcastle - 1998/99, Newcastle, Matrix TV Assistant Producer BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne
Cotton, Mark Newcastle - 2001/02, Newcastle, Matrix Press & PR Officer BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne