Daily Mail Editorial on CP dated 16 November 2012

Please do read the Daily Mail exposure of Common Purpose - starting here with the Editorial. The Mail has completed an in depth analysis with the exception that Common Purpose is neither left or right in politics. It is forging its own political agenda of communitarianism via the transformation of society via the Third Sector (also known as the Third Way) and Tory Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Society. Please also remember that Common Purpose is using applied behavioural psychology to 'reframe' graduates into their new belief system as 'selected world leaders'. The dangers of this aspect of Common Purpose mind control is still grossly underestimated by the mainstream press and media, and is an area which still needs to be fully exposed. Do take the trouble to read all of the Daily Mail article. It does provide a comprehensive overview of the attempt by Common Purpose to take control of the press and to gag free speech.